Where is Aizu

Geographical view of Aizu Fukushima

Aizu is located about 300km north from Tokyo.
Please see the map of Japan.

The form of Japan Islands is look like a human body, isn't it? Hokkaido is the head, Tokyo is on the hip, and then Tohoku (north-eastern province)  is the back of Japan.

Like a back bone, there is a long mountain range in the centre of Tohoku. On the southern end of the range, there is a large round valley surrounded by a huge mass of mountains, volcanoes and lakes, all makes up a micro cosmos.

This is Aizu.

Volcanoes sometimes have erupted and given Aizu damages as if the lumbar pain hit the human body. However at the same time these have made the beautiful and varied scenes of Aizu.

See the map 2!

This is the map of the Aizu district.

Aizu is divided into three parts.

0ne is the large valley called Aizu-bonchi. The north side of the valley hemmed with a chain of mountains,starting from the famous volcano Mt.Bandai to the end Mt.Ihde. This high wall divides the valley from behind areas. Gentle but deep mountains make the western border.

Second is the area including one of the biggest lakes in Japan, Lake Inawashiro,and the highland around Mt.Bandai. This area called Bandai Highland is slightly divided with low mountains form Aizu-bonchi.

Another area called Minani-Aizu is located on the south of the Aizu valley. So the name Minami-aizu means the southern part of Aizu.
The huge mass of mountains almost occupies the area.

These three areas are connected by rivers. Two big rivers come down from Minami-Aizu to the valley.
The water of Lake Inawashiro flows to the valley through Nippashi River. Rivers join the main river Aga one by one in the centre of the valley. Also River Aga collects little streams falling down northern mountain slopes. River Aga goes down to west through a narrow valley,finally pours into the Japan sea.