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Table ware, interior goods and accessory

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Stationary, event goods etc.

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Mini museum

Display of the techniques of the Urushi lacquer work.


The History of Aizu Lacquerware The History of Aizu Lacquerware

Lacquerware craft was first established in Aizu as a local industry in l590 by Ujisato Gamo, who was the feudal lord of Aizu. He brought in lathe and lacquer painting experts from his previous domain of Hino (currently Shiga Prefecture) to teach the skills of the craft to the people of Aizu. Lacquerware craft flourished in Aizu during this time with developments ranging from the creation of lacquer tree plantations to refinement in the decorative arts of lacquerware.

During the foIIowing Edo period, the successive Aizu lord, Masayuki Hoshina, made special efforts to protect and foster the lacquer trees. Each successive Aizu lord worked to advance lacquerware craft, with the height of the industry being marked by exports of lacquerware to China and Holland. However, during the end of the Edo period, the Boshin Civil War caused the almost complete destruction of Aizu and its lacquerware industry.

The Meiji period saw the rebuilding of the lacquerware industry go hand-in-hand with the rebuilding of Aizu. By the middle of the Meiji period, Aizu had earned the reputation as one of the most famous lacquerwareproducing cities in the country. The art and industry continues to grow as new technology is integrated into the 400-year old lacquerware tradition.

The History of our campany

SHIROKIYA LACQUERWARE Co., Ltd. was established during the Kyoho era (1716-1736). Since then we have been making beautiful and durable lacquerware, and we are making much effort to add some enhanced style to the traditional works


  • Exposition Universelle 1900 Paris France bronze medal
  • Exposition Universelle 1904 Saint-Louis USA silver medal
  • Exposition Universelle 1905 Li├Ęge Belgium gold medal etc.

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  • 9:00a.m.-5:30p.m.

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  • January-June: Closed on Wednesdays
  • closed on First April (Stocktaking)
  • Golden week (29th Apr.-6th May): Open every day
  • July-November: Open every day
  • December: Closed on Wednesdays
  • Open on 23th Dec.(National Holiday)
  • 30th Dec.-3rd Jan.(New year holidays)